• Joel Bauer MD
  • Stephen Gorfine MD
  • David Chessin MD
  • Daniel Popowich MD

4th World Congress for the Advancement of Surgery

On October 2013, Dr. Bauer gave two presentations at the 4th World Congress for the Advancement of Surgery, an academic conference that took place in Tel Aviv, Israel and aims to highlight some of the most cutting-edge research in the field of surgery . The talks were titled “Laparoscopic Surgery in Patients with Crohn’s Disease: A 20-Year Experience” and “Dysplasia and Colorectal Cancer in Patients with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.”

The first presentation discussed the history, evolution and current status of laparoscopic resection in patients with Crohn’s Disease. In 1995, Dr. Bauer authored the first paper specifically addressing the risks and benefits of this minimally invasive technique in patients with Crohn’s Disease and he has since published several follow-up articles on this subject. The second of these presentations focused on the fact that patients with Crohn’s colitis having only part of their colon removed are at risk for developing subsequent cancers in the remaining colon. For more information on this topic, read this paper recently published by Dr. Bauer and colleagues in the Inflammatory Bowel Disease journal.

Over 200 surgeons from the international community attended the presentations at the conference, during which Dr. Bauer also co-chaired the Colorectal Session. During his visit to Tel Aviv, Dr. Bauer also operated in 2 complex Crohn’s cases at Sheba Medical Center, the largest hospital in Israel, along with the hospital staff.

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