• Joel Bauer MD
  • Stephen Gorfine MD
  • David Chessin MD
  • Daniel Popowich MD

2015: A year in Review

In 2015, Dr. Bauer made several substantial contributions to current academic topics in colorectal surgery:

In April, Dr. Bauer was co-author on a multi-site study titled Complex Open Bioabsorbable Reconstruction of the Abdominal Wall (COBRA), presented at the First Annual World Conference on Abdominal Wall Surgery in Milan, Italy. The COBRA study was the first prospective trial that measured patient quality of life after hernia repair with a bio-absorbable mesh. This study observed strong evidence that the GORE® BIO-A® Tissue Reinforcement mesh improves patient quality of life after complex hernia repair.

In October, Dr. Bauer was the senior author of a presentation on cancers arising in the site of perianal fistulae in the setting of Crohn’s disease, presented at the American College of Surgeons in Chicago, Illinois. This study is the largest case series on this rare condition to date. Findings from this case series suggest an approximately 0.8% incidence of cancer arising in a perianal fistula among patient’s with fistualizing, perianal Crohn’s disease. The cancer diagnosis was not always made on the first biopsy; in some cases it took several negative biopsies before the cancer diagnosis was made. Currently it is not standard of care to survey and biopsy perianal fistulae in the setting of Crohn’s disease. The pathology of these cancers was adenocarcinoma in 53% and squamous carcinoma in 47%. This finding would suggest that the practice guidelines for the management of perianal fistulae in Crohn’s disease be reevaluated.