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Preparing For a Laparoscopic Procedure

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with an abdominal or colorectal disorder that can be treated with surgery, your doctor will likely recommend a laparoscopic procedure. Surgeries that are done laparoscopically reduce invasiveness, recovery time, and pain level. In this blog, we will discuss how best to prepare for an upcoming laparoscopic surgery.

Talk To Your Doctor

Before your surgery, you’ll have a pre-op appointment with your doctor to further discuss the details of the procedure and what it will entail. During the appointment, you should ask your doctor if you should continue taking any medication that you’re currently taking. Aspirin, blood thinners, and some herbal supplements can make it difficult for your blood to clot.

Fill Your Prescription

Your doctor will likely give you a prescription for pain management medications that you should take while recovering from the procedure. You’ll want to fill this prescription ahead of time – you may not be in good condition to drive to the pharmacy afterwards, and should the pain be more severe than what you expected, you’ll want your prescription already filled for you to take.

Bring a Friend

Laparoscopic surgeries are typically an outpatient procedure, which means you’ll be able to go home once it’s done. It’s very common for patients to wake up extremely groggy and in a fair amount of discomfort, which is why you’ll want to bring a friend or family member who can help drive you home.

It’s completely normal to feel a certain level of anxiety before going into surgery. To help calm your worries, you should address your concerns with your doctor and anesthesiologist. At Manhattan Surgical Associates, our skilled surgeons build meaningful relationships with patients – this allows them to feel at ease about any upcoming surgical procedures.

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