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Treatment Options for Crohn's Disease

While there is no cure for Crohn’s disease, there are a number of treatment options available that can help delay the progression of the disease. Whether a patient responds successfully to a treatment, however, depends on the circumstance of his or her condition.In this blog, we share the different treatment options available and what each one entails.


The medication prescribed to those diagnosed with Crohn’s disease aims to subdue the chronic inflammation the immune system is causing. Proper medication can help relieve those with the condition of fever, diarrhea, and pain. By suppressing the inflammation, your body is given time to heal the intestinal tissues. Medication can also help patients experience extended periods of remission.

Diet and Nutrition

Paying attention to your diet and nutritional intake can significantly impact the symptoms of Crohn’s disease. Even though the disease itself may not be caused by the food you consume, altering your diet can help promote healing in your body. Maintaining proper nutrition is crucial for those diagnosed with Crohn’s disease – many of the symptoms associated with the condition diminish your body’s ability to ingest protein, vitamins, and minerals.


Three-quarters of people living with Crohn’s disease will need surgery. Surgical procedures are not a cure-all for the disease, but it can help increase your quality of life. Many patients view surgery as a “last resort” option – once other treatments can no longer control symptoms, or if the disease causes dangerous complications.

At Manhattan Surgical Associates, it is our goal to help patients suffering from Crohn’s disease. We understand the importance of living a life without constant flare-ups. Since 1964, we’ve continuously offered surgical methods to help induce remission in our patients.

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