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Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Reconstruction of the Abdominal Wall in Manhattan

Have You Developed an Abdominal Hernia or Defect?

Our Manhattan colorectal surgeons at Manhattan Surgical Associates specialize in the surgical treatment of disease, including colorectal and anorectal procedures. We have more than 60 years of experience handling the surgical management of disease.

However, no matter how trained or experienced your surgeon is, during the course of surgery for disease, a defect may develop in the abdominal wall, which is known as a hernia.

Common Symptoms of Abdominal Wall Hernias

Abdominal wall hernias may often be asymptomatic, however many patients experience symptoms. One of these symptoms, incarceration, occurs when intestine gets stuck in the hernia. This can lead to intestinal blockage or necrosis of the intestine and will need to be treated as quickly as possible.

Reconstruction surgery by a Manhattan abdominal wall reconstruction surgeon is often recommended to treat these type of hernias.

A few examples of post-surgery symptoms you may experience after developing a hernia include:

  • Abdominal bulge
  • Pain
  • Incarceration

Diagnosis & Treatment of Post-Surgical Hernias

Abdominal wall hernias are often diagnosed after a thorough physical examination by your Manhattan surgeon. Abdominal x-rays and a CT scan may be recommended to better evaluate your abdominal wall for the presence of a hernia, depending on what is discovered during the examination. We are extremely thorough about the diagnosis of hernias after abdomino-pelvic surgery.

Once an abdominal wall hernia is diagnosed, your surgeon may recommend surgical repair of the defect. In some cases, suture closure of the defect may be recommended, however in most cases, the defect is too large to be adequately treated with suture closure alone.

If that is the case, a surgeon may recommend placement of a mesh to repair the hernia defect in your abdominal wall. Mesh is a sterile material that repairs the hernia defect, and there are many types of mesh available; your surgeon will choose a particular mesh based upon your clinical needs.

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