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Colon Resection and Rectopexy for Rectal Prolapse

Colon Resection & Rectopexy for Rectal Prolapse

Treatments Performed by Our Manhattan Colorectal Surgeons

Colon resection and rectopexy is used to treat cases of rectal prolapse. This procedure requires general anesthesia and monitoring by an anesthesiologist. You will be completely asleep throughout the operation.

The night prior to the procedure, you must:

  • Not take, eat, or drink anything after midnight
  • Take a bowel preparation as instructed

For more details on the specific type of bowel preparation prescribed by your surgeon, please call our Manhattan colorectal surgeons at 646.798.4606.

The Operation

After anesthesia is established, an incision will be made in your abdomen and the redundant colon associated with the prolapse will be identified. This segment of colon will be removed, and the two ends reconnected in a procedure called anastomosis.

Once the two ends are connected, the rectum is sutured to the bony sacrum. You will have a dressing placed over the operative site.

Your Postoperative Care

Following a colon resection and rectopexy, you will be admitted to the hospital. You will receive pain medication and intravenous fluid to help with your healing. Once bowel function returns as normal, evidenced by the passage of gas or stool, your physicians will advance your diet.

Once you tolerate a more normal diet, and have no signs of fever or other complications of the surgery, you will be discharged from the hospital and given a prescription for pain medication. In the one to two weeks following surgery, you will see your surgeon for a follow-up appointment.

In the intervening time period, if you have any questions or concerns, our Manhattan colorectal surgeons can help you. Contact us for medical support from reoperation throughout the healing process.

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